Local honey infused with lots of garlic and hints of habanero make this a new store favorite...

Local honey infused with lots of garlic make for a wonderful flavor...

Teriyaki, sesame and BBQ sauce make this sweet & nutty speciality...

Marinated teriyaki glaze with a sweet chili lime flavor for a refreshing twist on Beef Jerky...

Our spiciest jerky to date mixes red chili, ghost pepper and habanero with our home-made teriyaki...spicy yet delicious!

A sweet & spicy asian classic best described as spicy chinese take-out...

Tropical mango meets teriyaki and habanero, an unexpected sweet new treat!

An all American tradition, worcestershire sauce, soy & hickory will take you back to basics

A new twist on an asian favorite teriyaki meets garlic and sriracha...

Featured on West Texas Investors, our award winning sauce with cayenne & black pepper fused.

A tempting caribbean sweet spicy clove favorite and one of our top selling flavors...

Cinnamon meets teriyaki & cayenne pepper in layers much like atomic fireball candy. Interesting and lots of fun!

All time favorite marinated in a light teriyaki then glazed in our award winning teriyaki sauce

American classic made with brown sugar, molasses, vanilla gold, white & black pepper with a touch of habanero

Hickory, chipotle adobo, chipotle chili, teriyaki and a hint of habanero make this a southwest favorite...

Our award winning BBQ sauce marinated with hand cuts of angus beef are amazing.

Jamaican Jerk Gourmet Sauce

Bar-B-Q Gourmet Sauce

Double Teriyaki Gourmet Sauce

Chamucos Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Spicy Texas Gourmet Sauce

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The Best Beef Jerky Store Right Here in Las Vegas

Did your mom ever tell you that you shouldn’t spoil your dinner with candy? I’ll bet she never had this beef candy in mind.

What Makes a Perfect Beef Jerky?

This isn’t your average beef jerky. This is a gourmet beef jerky that puts all others to shame. We start with a prime cut of 100% Angus beef because you have to start with the best to be the best. Then we season it to perfection with a unique blend of flavors and spices. We then dry it out to that ideal chewy consistency and package and deliver it right to your doorstep. Getting hungry yet?

Avalon Meat Candy is based right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s American owned and operated by veterans who want nothing more than to serve their country the best cut of beef snack possible. Check out our range of beef jerky flavors such as the Chipotle, Honey BBQ or the Fireball. Don’t blame us if you can’t handle the heat.

Beef Snacks and More

Along with the best beef jerky in the country, we’re proud to offer a range of gourmet sauces that accommodate that unquenchable desire for power-packed flavor. You wouldn’t settle for anything less from the best beef jerky store.

So, go ahead. Ignore your mother’s advice. Spoil yourself today with some beef candy. Get Avalon Meat Candy beef jerky today.